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The DIRECT TV Guide: Your Guide to Great TV

Do you need help using your DIRECTV guide? Curious about your lineup of DIRECTV channels? It’s simple to use the DIRECTV guide to explore your lineup and the find shows to watch.

With the new DIRECTV HD guide, you can browse currently playing shows in no time to get right to what you want to watch. It’s easy to use, visually appealing and helpful. Choose your satellite TV package today to search the all new DIRECTV channel guide and enjoy more shows and movies with your impressive channel lineup.

How to use the DIRECTV guide

To use the new DIRECTV guide, you’ll need an HD receiver and an HD TV. The improved DIRECTV channel guide is only available in HD – without the right equipment, you’ll still see the older standard-definition guide.

So, how does the DIRECTV guide work? Press the Guide button on your remote to get started. Scroll through your DIRECTV channels using the arrow buttons on the remote. Find what you want to watch and press the Select button to turn to that channel.

If you have a DVR, you can also choose to record programs directly from the DIRECT TV guide. Just select a show that isn’t currently on and you’ll have the option to record.

To use the search feature and to see if your favorite shows are on right now, press the Menu button on your remote. Set a list of shows you love – these will show up in a special “What’s On Now?” section of the Menu so you’ll never miss your top shows. Use a search and browse feature to find shows quickly, and check out the “You Might Like” section to get a look at some shows you might enjoy.

It’s so easy to use that you can teach everyone in your family how to browse your lineup of DIRECT TV channels to find their favorite programming.

New and improved features of the DIRECTV program guide

The new HD DIRECTV channel guide offers special features that aren’t available on the SD guide. Some of these enhancements include:

  • An updated look with 1080p HD resolution. Browse with a higher quality and enjoy a clearer picture.
  • Faster scrolling. The new DIRECTV guide is faster than ever so you can find your shows in no time.
  • Visual browsing. Don’t just read titles – look at pictures and icons for movies and shows instead.
  • Easy navigation. Find everything you need right from the menu, including settings, the search feature and your DVR recordings.

Turn to the DIRECTV guide for a helpful and convenient way to browse your channels and find shows that you want to watch. See how the new DIRECTV program guide makes cruising your home entertainment options better than ever.

The DIRECTV guide – available online, too!

You can even use the online DIRECTV channel guide to browse your channels. Just sign in to your online account to see a list of your DIRECTV channels and even build a customized list to find your favorite channels sooner. Search based on channel number or by alphabetical order – choose whichever option makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for in the DIRECTV guide.

Choose DIRECTV today to learn about other ways to access the DIRECT TV channel guide. Pick out the package with all your favorite DIRECTV channels and enjoy first-rate home entertainment with your family!

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