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10 TV Couples That Will Have You Falling In Love: Part 1

TV has a way of making us reminiscence about the past. Be it school, heartbreak, love, or even childhood. And it seems like no matter what we turn on, there is always something there to remind you of a particular time in your life- like the first, or last, time you fell in love. Here is part 1 of 10 TV couples that will have you falling in love all over again.

Rachel & Ross, Friends

Friends | NBC

Perhaps TV’s favorite couple, ours too, Ross and Rachel show the ups and downs of a relationship: from break ups, marriages to other people, drunken marriages and a baby. True love has a way of working itself out, as we see in the end for these two.

Lily & Marshall, HIMYM

Source: CBS

How I Met Your Mother | CBS

This loveable, charismatic, inseparable couple has made us swoon from the very beginning. From their small, intimate wedding to the sudden death of Marshall’s dad to the birth of their adorable son- these two were meant to be.

Jess & Nick, New Girl

Source: Fox

New Girl | Fox

Everyone knew Nick and Jess would eventually get together, but your jaw still dropped when they had their first kiss. They’re completely different people, but they’re so perfect together.

Leslie & Ben, Parks and Recreation

Source: NBC

Parks & Rec | NBC

Remember that time Ben quit his job so Leslie wouldn’t lose hers, or the way Ben proposed to Leslie, or when Ben brought Leslie waffles in the hospital? The way they say, “I love you, and I like you,” is just too adorable to handle.

Jenny & Kevin, The League

Source: FX

The League | FX

She’s the guy’s girl that everyone loves, and he’s the man who won her over. A nontraditional couple of sorts, they settle their relationship disagreements through none other than fantasy football. Consider it their love language.

Joey & Pacey, Dawson’s Creek

Source: Sony

Dawson’s Creek | Sony

‘Ask me to stay.’ Pacey wasn’t Joey’s first choice to love, but she fell- hard. Joey and Pacey were just perfect for each other. It was intense, deep and more passionate than other young couples. And despite the overwhelming emotions, the two end up together.

Topanga & Cory, Boy Meets World

Source: ABC

Boy Meets World | ABC

From the moment she drew lipstick on his face, we knew they were soul mates. Best friends, companions, schoolmates. Through all the messes, heartbreak, and finally the wedding, these two showed young viewers the meaning of true love.

Robin & Barney, HIMYM

Source: CBS

How I Met Your Mother | CBS

Mr. Player and Ms. Independent. These two didn’t want to fall in love and didn’t want to settle down. But when you find the yang to your yin, you can’t help it. Despite Barney’s games with hundreds of women, Robin was the one to make him depart his womanizing ways, resulting in the most crazy-romantic proposal.

Tami & Eric, Friday Night Lights

Source: NBC

Friday Night Lights | NBC

The ultimate power couple. When his strong and silent leadership are combined with her outgoing and vivacious personality, the Taylors took the town of Dillon by storm. No matter what, they always remembered what was most important – the love they had for each other and their family.

Mackenzie & Will, The Newsroom

Source: HBO

The Newsroom | HBO

People break up every day, but sometimes they just can’t stay apart. Mac cheated on Will, broke this strong man’s heart, but the tension, understanding and love between the two of them overcame the petty memories of the past. Mac and Will make us believe that no one knows you like your love does.

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